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  • Red Angus

    Wedel Red Angus exists to serve our commercial customers through providing range bulls with genetic profiles balanced to better sustain their profitability. These genetics must make cows that work in our native west-Kansas range and steers that profitably do their part to improve consumer eating experience. Thus, we balance cow herd traits of reproductive efficiency, longevity, and low maintenance energy requirements with post weaning traits of gain, feed efficiency, and carcass merit.  

    The Red Angus Advantage

    Over the last decade, Red Angus has chipped away at other Angus’ claims as the most desired feeder cattle. Recently, Kansas State University summarized the results of Superior Livestock Auction's large summer video auctions. Between 2010 and 2015, over 3.3 million head of feeder cattle sold in 116 separate auctions. Cattle identified as "Red Angus sired" outsold other breed types by the following margins:

    • $1.92/CWT over Black Angus Sired calves
    • $3.30/CWT over other British or British x British hybrids
    • $3.61/CWT over British x Continental hybrids
    • $7.38 /CWT over Brahman and Brahman-influenced calves
  • Charolais-Red Angus

    Our Red Angus & Hybrid cattle run together in large contemporary groups

    Our Red Angus & Hybrid cattle run together in large contemporary groups

    Wedel Char x Red Angus hybrids offer our customers a more “user-friendly” crossbreeding solution. These Char hybrids offer advantages in Gain, Conversion, Carcass Weight Ribeye Area, and Yield Grade with reduced variation in frame and type, as compared to using purebred Charolais.

    Our Char x Red Angus bulls come in both Buckskin or solid red; either way ranchers find them, moderate framed, sound footed, with exceptional thickness.  

  • Red Sim-Angus

    Wedel Red SimAngus bulls have topped both our 2015 and 2016 bull sales, and look very similar to our purebred Red Angus in terms of frame size and substance.

    These solid red maternal hybrids are sought by our bull customers who desire to increase heterosis in their replacement females, and want to keep increased pressure on post weaning traits.