Located in the semi-arid, shortgrass plains of western Kansas, Wedel Red Angus is a Red Angus-based seedstock supplier focused on providing genetic solutions for the commercial beef industry. We learned first-hand the needs of our ranch clients and their downstream customers through spending over two decades in the cattle feeding and commercial cow/calf business. As a commercial cow/calf producer, our percent calf crop weaned was highest when we used Red Angus bulls. When we got those Red Angus sired replacements in the cow herd, we never looked back, and we have spent the past 25+ years building genetics that will add to our customers’ profitability the same way Red Angus first added to ours.

Today, Wedel Red Angus consists of over 500 Red Angus and Red Angus hybrid females that run together in large contemporary groups.  The requirements for females to enter and remain in that herd are:

  • Become pregnant to calve as a 2-year-old
  • Calve unassisted & rebreed within 90 days
  • Wean a calf that is competitive amongst its contemporaries and has traits of added value to cattle buyers & feeders
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 every 365 days
  • Make our job easier through disposition, feed efficiency, and foot & udder soundness


We’re invested in our customers’ success!  

Wedel customers receiving GridMaster Awards at the 2015 Winnemucca Superior Sale

Wedel customers receiving GridMaster Awards at the 2015 Winnemucca Superior Sale

Annually, we purchase several loads of our bull customers’ calves.  Replacement-quality heifers are selected and marketed. The balance of the heifers and all of the steers are fed and marketed through various quality based grids. Carcass data and feedlot performance are returned to our customers to help them fine-tune the bull selection process. The result of this collaboration between our feedlot partners and bull customers has been numerous Red Angus GridMaster Awards, as well as two Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year Awards.

Frank Wedel Receives John V. Robbins Distinguished Service Award

I purchased my first Red Angus bulls to solve a calving ease problem in my commercial cows. They solved the problem and much more. I became involved in Red Angus because I met a group of Red Angus seedstock producers who were of the highest integrity and character and these were the kind of people that I wanted to be associated with. They gave me wise counsel, they included me and they encouraged me. Without this group I certainly would not have continued in Red Angus. If I mentioned names I would probably inadvertently miss someone but they know who they are and to all of them a heartfelt thank you. John Robbins was one of those men and to receive an award named after him is more than special.  - Frank Wedel, Wedel Beef Genetics